The Coupler Has Arrived!

The coupler came in, so I put the clutch centers on and checked it out. It looks pretty good! I pressed it into the bearing on my adapter plate, but that’s where I ran into the first issue: it was too big. I had not taken into account the tolerances required for a press fit bearing on the adapter plate or coupler. For now. I will skip the bearing. We will have to see if there are issues.

The second issue: the fit of the clutch center for the transmission was very close. When I pressed it into the coupler, it shrank too much to fit onto the transmission input shaft! I used a reciprocating saw with cut it and then pressed it back out. I have another clutch on the way, and I’ll grind this one down more so that it is closer to a slip fit. I will either use some Loctite Bearing Mount on it or I’ll weld it in.

  • The coupler with clutch centers. Pen for scale! It's hefty!

2 thoughts on “The Coupler Has Arrived!”

    1. I designed the coupler myself. I attached the CAD drawing that I made to another post, if you want to use it. You will need to change the dimensions on it most likely, but I left it in a format where you could edit it if you wanted to. It uses the center sections from two clutch discs for the splines. I pressed them in and welded the edge.

How about that, eh? What do you think?